Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chie... I love you!

I am a total summer girl (blame it on my childhood in Brazil), but these Chie Mihara shoes make the idea of cold weather so delicious I might even welcome it this year.

Don't be fooled by their height. Her shoes feel so heavenly on your feet, you can walk in them for miles! Believe me, I have done it. They are my "night out" shoes of choice when I travel.

I would wear this little vintage number...

with these...

What do you think?

Santa, can I please have an (as in five) early x-mas gift(s)? I have been good... pretty please?

Folie à Deux
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  1. Gorgeous!!! I am currently in the throes of some serious shoe lust. Tell Santa to swing by my house as well! :)